Sarah Harris copped a roasting on Hard Chat. Picture: ABC
Sarah Harris copped a roasting on Hard Chat. Picture: ABC

Tom Gleeson tears Studio 10 to shreds

SARAH Harris and Studio 10 copped an absolute roasting on Tom Gleeson's Hard Chat segment last night.

The popular comedian mercilessly mocked the Channel 10 morning show that Harris hosts alongside Joe Hildebrand, Angela Bishop, Denise Scott and Denise Drysdale.

Kicking off the interview, Gleeson said to Harris: "I like how Studio 10 makes advertorials that are entertaining. Have you thought of doing that with the chats as well?"

A litany of killer one-liners followed.

"Do you understand heaps more about the world now that Joe Hildebrand has mansplained it to you?" Gleeson said.

"Can I come on Studio 10 or do I have to be an old woman called Denise?"

Defending her show, Harris told Gleeson that Studio 10 is "just a little battler show on Channel 10".

"Oh yeah, we're all aware of that," Gleeson responded. "We've seen the ratings."

And the burns kept coming.

"With Denise Drysdale and Denise Scott, do you ever forget which sarcastic baby boomer you're talking to?" Gleeson asked. "I'm just saying, their brand is quite similar."

"Are they?" Harris replied. "They're both over 60 and dry."

"Oh … that didn't sound right," joked Gleeson.

At one stage, even Harris hilariously poked fun at Studio 10's elderly viewers.

"You took your baby, Harry, into the studio when he was three months old," Gleeson said. "Now when he shat himself, was that the most compelling thing to happen during the show? Did he sh*t himself? I just presumed he must have given the show is three-and-a-half hours long."

"Bit like our audience," joked Harris.

Finally, Gleeson brought up the fact Harris also hosts Shark Tank on Channel 10 and asked her, "If you pitched Studio 10 to the Sharks do you think they'd pick it up?"

"How would you pitch it?" he continued. "You could say, 'We dumb things down so much it makes Sunrise look like Four Corners.'"


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