Sarah Hanson-Young confused...again.
Sarah Hanson-Young confused...again.

Sarah Hanson-Young apologises to Ray Hadley

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has trouble telling the difference between Sea Patrol and a documentary, James Cook and Arthur Phillip and now Ray Hadley and Alan Jones. 

Hanson-Young's has apologised for her latest blunder following a request from Hadley's legal team:


Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has been forced to apologise to broadcaster Ray Hadley after she confused him with his 2GB colleague Alan Jones, accusing Hadley of defending "ditch the witch" and "Bob Brown's bitch" placards attacking then prime minister Julia Gillard in 2011.

Jones appeared in front of the placards to address an anti-carbon tax rally alongside then opposition leader Tony Abbott at the time.

During an interview on 3AW yesterday to promote her new book En Garde, calling out "rampant sexism" in politics, Senator Hanson-Young accused Hadley of reserving his "nastiest comments for women". In the book she notes that Hadley has at various points called her a "dingbat", "mad as a meataxe", "silly as a cut snake", a "dolt" and a "silly woman".

This morning, following a request from Hadley's lawyers, Senator Hanson-Young issued an apology. "On Tuesday, 2 October 2018, I was interviewed by 3AW host Neil Mitchell," she said in a statement. "During the course of the interview I associated Ray Hadley with gender-based comments and slogans used on placards outside of Parliament in reference to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

"Mr Mitchell indicated on air that he thought I had confused Mr Hadley with another presenter. Mr Mitchell was correct. I regret the error, thank Mr Mitchell for bringing this to my attention and I apologise to Mr Hadley.

"I am pleased that we as a nation are continuing to talk about this important social issue and hope it continues."

Hadley told his listeners on 2GB that he accepted Senator Hanson-Young's apology "in the spirit it's given."

"I hope it's sincere. And what I'd like you to do in future, before you get interviews either on 3AW or the ABC, a little tip for you darling, I get here at 4.30 in the morning and do a bit of research - and I guess that's another way of being a misogynist, calling you darling, so I'll do that again, darling, I get here at 4:30 in the morning and do a bit of research,'' he said.

"Set the alarm a bit earlier, get up a bit earlier then you might know a bit about .... border security, the Greens' policy on superannuation, and what I did and didn't say.

"You might try it one time, Sarah, it's call research, and most people in public life do a stack of it, including politicians. Obviously in your case, research is not perhaps what it should be."


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