BURST INTO FLAMES: A washing machine suddenly caught fire in a North Bundaberg home today.
BURST INTO FLAMES: A washing machine suddenly caught fire in a North Bundaberg home today.

Washing machine spontaneously bursts into flames

A BUNDABERG family is lucky to be alive after their washing machine caught fire in their North Bundaberg home this morning.

Firefighters have praised the quick-thinking actions of Perry St residents Chris Smith, Kavou Jones and their family who worked fast to extinguish the flames that were bursting out of their washing machine.

QFES Bundaberg station officer Andrew McCracken said the incident happened before 7am and the couple were able to subdue the fire using buckets of water.

"By the time our crew arrived the family had the fire almost under control," Mr McCracken said.

"They did a really good job.

"I believe if they hadn't started fighting the flames sooner, the whole home could've gone up."

Ms Jones said her five children, her partner and mother-in-law were just waking up when they were alerted to the fire in their back laundry.

"My son had gone to the toilet and had seen smoke out of the window in the back laundry," she said.

"He woke us up and my partner and mother-in-law ran out and started chucking buckets of water on it."

Ms Jones said the flames were high enough to reach the ceiling of the laundry and were licking at a fluorescent light.

"We are lucky we spotted it when we did," she said.

The washing machine was only a few years old and wasn't being used at the time of the incident.

Ms Jones said her family were still in shock over the fire.

"The machine is one of the digital ones, fairly new," she said.

"If my son hadn't woken up and seen the smoke I don't know what would have happened.

"I would say if it had been left only five minutes more, the whole house would have been ignited and we could have died.

"It is a miracle."

If anyone has an old washing machine to donate to the family, contact Ashley Clark at the NewsMail on 4153 8572.

*The original story stated the washing machine was a Samsung but further investigations have revealed it to be a Fisher & Paykel model.


DAMAGE: The fire damaged the laundry.