Samsung unveils ‘infinity’, rotating vertical TVs


SUPER-sized floor-to-ceiling mega TVs, 'infinity' screens and the first-ever rotating 'vertical' TV - Samsung has made a bold pitch to the millennial and luxury markets for 2020.

Revealing its plans to make 'screens everywhere' in 2020, the tech giant rolled out a suite of show-stopping TV innovation during its 'First Look' event at global tech show CES in Las Vegas today.

At the top of its hit list is the phone-obsessed millennials who nearly always shoot video in portrait-mode, making for a poor viewing experience on traditionally horizontal TV screens.

Samsung will roll out its latest lifestyle TV - The Sero - globally in 2020, breaking the traditional concept of what a TV can offer for consumers to enjoy mobile entertainment.

The Sero features a first-of-its-kind screen which rotates between vertical and horizontal orientation depending on the format of the content being displayed - removing those annoying black bars on the side of portrait-shot video.

Samsung's rotating, vertical TV The Sero - unveiled at CES, Las Vegas. Photo: Tanya French
Samsung's rotating, vertical TV The Sero - unveiled at CES, Las Vegas. Photo: Tanya French

"It mirrors the phone and rotates with it," Samsung Electronics America home entertainment marketing vice president Grace Dolan told a packed ballroom at Caesars Palace.

"When we use phones today we almost always hold them vertically but consumers have never been able to experience that vertical content on TV.

"This is the first TV in the industry to rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations - we're aiming at the millennial market."

The Sero in vertical mode.
The Sero in vertical mode.

'The Sero' joins Samsung's other previously launched lifestyle TVs - 'The Frame' (which transforms into a piece of art when turned off) and The Serif (which functions as a beautifully-designed piece of furniture).

Meanwhile, Samsung also unveiled its new 8K 'Infinity' QLED TV the Q950 - an ultra large, ultra-thin, flat back TV that scraps the traditional bezel - making the screen appear to seamlessly blend with the wall alongside it.

It has a screen-to-body ratio of 99 per cent, with stunning 8K resolution delivering the best picture quality in the market along with AI upscaling which means the TV will automatically upscale non-8K content to pristine and true-to-life 8K resolution.

The Q950 infinity TV is gorgeous
The Q950 infinity TV is gorgeous

Samsung has made a point of being the innovation leaders in the premium TV market with Samsung Electronics America consumer business division vice president Joe Stinziano telling the crowd that ultra-large screens of 75-inch and above was the fastest growing sector in the TV market.

"This is why 8K is increasingly important … these TVs give total immersion," he said.

In another pitch to the millennial market, Samsung also revealed it would make 'second screening' easier with multi-view capabilities meaning the TV can mirror the phone screen in one section while consumers also watch their show or movie.

"People miss important parts of a show while they're looking down at their phone - multi-view ensures they can see both," said Mr Stinziano.

But the awe-inspiring moment was left to the latest adaptation of 'The Wall' - Samsung's floor-to-ceiling mega modular MicroLED TV which can be customised up to a huge 292-inch - that's 7.4m metres.

Samsung's 'The Wall' at CES, Las Vegas. Photo: Tanya French
Samsung's 'The Wall' at CES, Las Vegas. Photo: Tanya French

Samsung introduced new 'home-ready' versions of the next-generation screen with consumers soon able to purchase 88-, 93-, 110- and 150-inch displays on top of various sizes already in market.

The globe's biggest maker of TVs took the opportunity to show off the biggest TV ever at CES, showcasing its 292-inch screen.

The MicroLED screen can be customised to suit the living space.
The MicroLED screen can be customised to suit the living space.

Consumers can also connect multiple MicroLED panels together to create new combinations and adapt their TV for a specific space.

Samsung visual display business president JH Han opened the 'first look' press call by saying the tech giant's 2020 goal was to create 'screens everywhere' - with the company focusing on ensuring its products 'evolved with our lifestyles'.

"Think of how many screens you see every day - our homes are changing, they now serve multi-functions from home office to home gym and even shopping," he said.

The Infinity and The Sero TVs are expected to hit the Australian market in the first half of this year but no word yet on The Wall.

The reporter travelled to CES as a guest of Samsung.