Same sex union bill is a stunt

QUEENSLAND Treasurer Andrew Fraser's Civil Partnerships Bill has been met with indifference from Ipswich's gay community.

Labor will attempt to fast-track the bill to legally recognise civil unions for same sex couples through Queensland Parliament in the final eight sitting days.

Brad Hicks, a prominent member of the Ipswich gay community thanks to his Lashes Comedy Drag Show, dismissed the bill as a political stunt.

"This is a band-aid in my opinion," he said. "I believe it's simply a political move, a chase for the gay vote.

"I'm not going to get excited until it's a legalised gay marriage bill, not just a civil union."

Mr Fraser received a mixture of support and jeers as he put forward the private member's bill.

"The bill will provide for Queensland to legally cater for what no one can deny is the reality," Mr Fraser told parliamentary members.

"That there are same sex couples amongst us, that many of them share committed long-term relationships and that they deserve the same rights as the rest of us."

Mr Hicks admitted the bill may have some positives.

"It's just civil unions so we still have a long way to go, but it may bring the gay and straight communities closer," he said.

State Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss slammed Labor for the cynical timing of the bill.

"It's just a stunt by the Labor Party trying to take some of the heat off their poor performance," he said.

"It doesn't sit comfortably with me because it's being used as a diversionary tactic by the Labor government to try and secure Andrew Fraser's Mt Cootha seat."

With the bill moving Queensland one step closer to legalised gay marriage, pastor Phil Cutliffe from the Springfield Christian Family said a new category for gay unions needed to be created.

"If it does go ahead I'd like it to be called something else," he said.

"Why does it have to have the same name as marriage between a man and a woman?

"Marriage has been designed that way for thousands of years. Why can't they just pick another name?"