SAME SEX MARRIAGE: A vote worth betting on

THEY say Aussies will bet on almost anything: two ants crawling up a fence post, a fight between a hornet and a huntsman spider, a race between a couple of soldier crabs thrown into the middle of a hula hoop.

The above are just the things I've bet on, and I'm not a gambling man.

The betting agencies aren't silly; they have tapped into our propensity to bet on mundane things (like the regular NRL season) by bombarding our eyes with advertisements.

If you were one of those people with a bit of a gambling habit, it would be almost impossible to escape this bombardment.

So, I was not all that surprised or offended when I discovered they were taking bets on which side would win the same sex marriage vote.

I'm aware that some segments of society have expressed their disappointment over the fact that people are taking bets, but I question whether it is worth their worry.

Between all the arguing that has been going on - the letterbox drops, the texts and the Facebook showboating - this entire debate became a farce several weeks ago.

Whatever happened to that other famous Aussie trait of not talking too much about politics?