Brett Ratten: St Kilda or Carlton
Brett Ratten: St Kilda or Carlton

Saints or Blues? Ratten itching for coaching return

St Kilda caretaker coach Brett Ratten says he is auditioning for the Saints' senior coaching role in the next six weeks, but would also consider putting his hand up for the job at old club Carlton if he is was asked.

Speaking to the media for the first time since taking over as interim coach after the departure of Alan Richardson earlier this week, Ratten declared his interest in again becoming an AFL senior coach seven years after his tenure at the Blues ended.



Ratten admitted it was not the way he had wanted to put his name forward for a senior role, but stressed he would make the most of the opportunity he had been given to push his case with the injury-ravaged Saints.

"It probably is (an audition), yeah,'' Ratten said on Thursday.

"I have been out of the game in the senior coaching ranks for now seven years.

"So I didn't want to get back in it this way, but the club came to me and I spoke to 'Richo' about it and he was pleased for me so I thought I would take it on.

"I get six weeks to get back in the saddle and see what happens, but it's one thing that I have done for a long time and I enjoy coaching and this playing group I have really enjoyed being around whether I am the senior coach or an assistant coach they are a god bunch of kids and men and they are easy to coach."


Interim coach Brett Ratten takes charge of St Kilda training. Picture: Getty Images
Interim coach Brett Ratten takes charge of St Kilda training. Picture: Getty Images

Asked if he would consider going through the process for the senior coaching role at Carlton if he was approached, Ratten said he would think about it - but stressed his focus was on St Kilda.

Ratten coached the Blues from 2007 to 2012.

"I would consider it (the Carlton job), but that hasn't happened and I am just worrying about what I can do at St Kilda footy club,'' Ratten said.

"I've been very fortunate that they came to me last year with Richo and offered me a spot here and I've really enjoyed my time here.

"So my focus really is on what we can do here at the Saints and try and get some wins on the board. That's what we're about trying to get some wins on the board and play some really good footy towards the back end of the year."


Brett Ratten was sacked by the Blues in 2012. Picture: Wayne Ludbey
Brett Ratten was sacked by the Blues in 2012. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Ratten said he now took a more relaxed approach to his football and was less "emotional" about the job.

"I'm probably not as emotional. When you are a younger coach and probably sometimes being at the club that you played for I probably got caught up a bit being there as well so I was probably a bit too emotional from that point of view,'' Ratten said.

"I've had a lot go on in my life since that period and maybe I look at life a lot different, too, maybe have a laugh more and enjoy it because there is some things you can change and there is some things that you can't change.

"I think when you are in the senior coaching role you are probably trying to do he right thing by fixing everything, but sometimes you just can't do that .

"So probably from a personal point of view I probably take life less stressful and take the easy approach with looking at things, so that's probably something that I've done."