'Sadistic, degrading': Drugged offenders' attack on girl, 16

TWO mates smoked cannabis and took other drugs before subjecting a teenage girl to three hours of torture.

An Ipswich court heard how the girl was tied up, threatened with a "flame thrower", a meat cleaver, garden sheers and scissors, leaving her fearing she may be raped and killed.

The offenders were 17, while their victim was just 16.

The Ipswich District Court heard she travelled a considerable distance in search of a place to stay in Ipswich after an argument with her parents.

Matthew Robert Chandler, 18, from Ebbw Vale, and Ronan Grant Balkin, 18, from Lota, each pleaded guilty to deprivation of liberty/unlawfully detaining a girl aged 16 on August 29, 2017; torture; five counts of assault; stealing; and wilful damage.

Balkin also pleaded guilty to a raft of unrelated charges.

Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis said the girl arrived by train at Ipswich just before 11pm.

The offending began just after 12.30am when the girl was going to sleep in Chandler's bedroom.

Mr Wallis said Balkin came into the room with a meat cleaver and scissors then gave the meat cleaver to Chandler.

Chandler used the cleaver to rub it down the side of her legs saying: "Your mum doesn't love you. If we killed you, no one cares".

He tried to cut her hair with clippers, and Chandler grabbed her around her throat and squeezed.

Mr Wallis said the suggestion was made that they would "kill her and bury her in the backyard".

Chandler again grabbed her by the throat "and began to violently choke her".

The victim also had her mouth taped shut and was threatened with rape, before eventually sending a text message to her father for help about 3.15am.

Police arrived at 5.30am.

"It hurts my heart, my soul," the girl wrote in her victim impact statement.

"Sadistic, degrading and horrific. It was traumatic, confronting, and she was clearly suffering throughout, " Mr Wallis said.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren considered psychological reports on Chandler, saying there was risk of him offending again.

The court heard Chandler was using cannabis and amphetamines at the time, while Balkin had smoked cannabis mixed with Seroquel.

Judge Horneman-Wren sentenced Balkin to three years' jail, with immediate parole release as he had served 387 days in jail that could be declared. Chandler was sentenced to three years, to be released to parole on December 19.