Girl from Peloton Christmas ad strikes back.
Girl from Peloton Christmas ad strikes back.

Ryan Reynolds’ brilliant troll goes viral

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds loves playing pranks and trolling. His own wife isn't even off limits from his exploits.

Now Reynolds has delivered another epic troll job by using his gin company Aviation Gin that has sent social media into hysterics with it's pure perfection.

America lost its collective mind last week when a Christmas ad for a stationary fitness bike called the Peloton aired.

In the advertisement, a husband surprises his wife with the exercise equipment, followed by an montage of the woman training on the bike for a year.

Reaction to the ad was overwhelmingly negative and even saw the stock price of the company drop by nine per cent in 24 hours.

Reynolds saw the opportunity to cash in on the moment and used Aviation Gin to absolutely nail it with their latest ad.

Bringing in the exact same actor from the Peloton ad, it shows her sitting at a bar alongside friends at Christmas party before she toasts to "new beginnings", a clear jab at a marriage breakdown following the stationary bike gift.

The brilliant troll job from the gin company quickly went viral with fans lapping it up and praising Reynolds for his sheer genius.

This isn't the first time Reynolds has pulled off a piece of marketing genius with Aviation Gin.

Earlier in the year an ad titled 'Dedication' featured Reynolds blowing glass bottles and asking "how far would you go for your company?" before the final moments of the ad shows Andy King ordering a glass of the gin.

King gained worldwide notoriety thanks to Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary.

As good as that ad was, it pales in comparison to Reynolds and Aviation Gin's latest efforts.