This flexiburger has left one vegan outraged.
This flexiburger has left one vegan outraged.

Vegan slams Aldi burger

A FURIOUS vegan has slammed Aldi for selling "daft" flexitarian BBQ burgers to make meat eaters "feel better" about themselves.

Laura Paterson accused the budget supermarket giant of trying a "poxy bit of advertising to flog products".

But she was blasted as a "ranting hypocritical bore" by meatlovers online after her complaint exploded into a Facebook row.

Laura wrote on Aldi's Facebook page: "Are you taking the mickey? Is this for real?

"Flexitarian is not a thing. You either eat meat or you don't. Don't use Flexitarian as a poxy bit of advertising to flog your products.

"It's a meat burger and that's all there is to it. You've got this very wrong."

Laura, from Nottingham, later said: "If you're eating meat, technically you're an omnivore.

"Someone who wants to eat a meat burger buys a meat burger. Calling it a flexitarian or 'flexi' burger is daft. It's just trying to tap into a trend.

One user hit back on the Aldi post that he had embraced a flexitarian lifestyle.

He wrote: "I'd say I'm a flexitarian. Just someone who reduces their intake of meat and has certain days I eat meat and other days I don't.

"Obviously some people would do this coincidentally without thinking about it but I purposely have days I don't eat meat."

Laura replied: "You're an omnivore and just cutting down your meat intake. That's all there is to it."

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