Priest's hilarious response to flirty text. Picture: frsimon/Twitter
Priest's hilarious response to flirty text. Picture: frsimon/Twitter

RUSH HOUR: Priest’s witty reply to ‘sexy’ text

A priest has shared his witty response to a flirty text sent by mistake which called him "sexy".

Father Simon Rundell, from Plymouth, Devon, received the late-night message which asked if him he was working tomorrow.

He received the random text on Saturday evening at 11.43pm and was asked: "U OK sexy? You in work tomorrow? X."

He replied first thing in the morning and told the person he was "saying Mass at 9.30am and 11.15am."

Father Simon added: "But I'm guessing you didn't intend to text a priest on this one. Fr. Simon."

He posted the hilarious exchange on his Twitter page and wrote "I get the *best* wrong number texts".

It was "liked" almost 2,000 times and many users found his response hilarious.

One person wrote: "Maybe it was meant for you. No reason why someone can't think you are sexy father."

Another added: "Maybe you should have told her the time at which you were taking confessions."

Another person joked: "Apologies. I will check numbers more carefully in future."

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Parole hearing for Sydney child killer

A man who was jailed for life over the rape and murder of four-year-old Sydney girl Lauren Hickson is set to make his latest bid for freedom with an upcoming parole hearing.

Neville Towner, a family friend and babysitter, bashed Lauren with a rock to stifle her screams and then drowned her in the Nepean River in 1989.

Towner was 23 at the time and was sentenced to life without parole but that ruling was overturned by a different judge in 2002 who allowed him to be eligible for parole from 2009.

Towner has had several parole hearings, with the latest scheduled before the State Parole Authority today.

Lauren's mother Jurina took to the airwaves in 2017 to plead with the government to keep her daughter's killer behind bars.

"People say (Towner) has got rights but what about children's rights, Lauren's rights and our kids' rights?" she told 2GB radio in September.

"Their rights are being taken away when they're being violated. Children are being abused, raped. It's devastating. It's terrible."

Convicted child killer Neville Raymond Towner.
Convicted child killer Neville Raymond Towner.



Clean up after massive cargo spill

Authorities and locals are continuing efforts to removed hundreds of kilograms of debris and rubbish from beaches north of Newcastle after dozens of containers fell from a cargo ship sparking fears for marine life.

Eighty-three containers fell from the YM Efficiency during surging storms last Thursday while about 30 more were damaged.

The ship was making its way from Taiwan to Sydney when it was hit by heavy swells about 30km off the coast of Port Stephens.

Plastic and building material are just some of the items washing up on beaches and raising concerns for animal welfare.

"I don't know what else was in these containers, if there was anything toxic, but certainly turtles and whales and large marine creatures think they are food and swallow the stuff," Port Stephens environmentalist Nigel Dique told AAP on Monday.

It is hard to estimate how much more rubbish will escape the containers as some will have already sunk, while others would still be taking on water.

Cargo ship YM Efficiency situated off the coast of Sydney after losing 83 containers off the Newcastle coast.
Cargo ship YM Efficiency situated off the coast of Sydney after losing 83 containers off the Newcastle coast.