Maccas 'Aussie' burger ridiculed online. Picture: McDonald's Canada/Twitter
Maccas 'Aussie' burger ridiculed online. Picture: McDonald's Canada/Twitter

Macca’s ‘Aussie’ burger ridiculed online

McDonald's Canada has introduced a new "Aussie BBQ and Egg" burger to their range, but people aren't so impressed with their interpretation of what makes a burger Australian.

The burger was launched this month as part of the chain's "World Taste Tour" promotion, but people were quick to notice that it lacked pretty much all the elements of a classic Australian burger.

There is no beetroot or pineapple, instead the burger is made up of 100 per cent Canadian beef, eggs, beet chips, processed cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce.

Social media users questioned McDonald's about how the burger was "Aussie" but were met with the same response about the ingredients used to make it.

The chain's Twitter post soon made it over to Reddit where users were quick to poke fun at the burger.

"Nothing more Australian than Canadian beef, freshly cracked eggs, crispy beet chips, processed cheese, and a brioche bun," one user said.

"If beetroot juice doesn't drip from your elbows while eating, it's not an Aussie burger," another wrote.