RUSH HOUR: Animal attack leaves young girl with deep wounds

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Girl attacked by goanna in Qld

A young girl had to be rushed to hospital after a huge goanna bit her on a Queensland beached and refused to let go on Thursday afternoon.

The eight-year-old was left with a "nasty" wound on her foot after it took two people to free her from the jaws of the lizard at a campground on South Stradbroke Island.

"It was a very concerning incident," Queensland Ambulance's senior operations supervisor Jayney Shearman told reporters.

"Whilst walking through a camping ground (she) was attacked by a goanna that made quite a nasty laceration.

"It was quite difficult to get the goanna off the child and needed a couple of people to become involved to remove it from her foot."

Ms Shearman described the attack as "savage", with the girl taken to Gold Coast University Hospital to be treated for a deep wound on the top of her foot.

Experts say goanna bites can be dangerous because the carnivores feed on carrion and toxic bacteria in their mouths can cause pain, swelling and prolonged bleeding caused by bites.

Gold Coast snake catcher Tony Harrison with the goanna that attacked the 8-year-old girl.
Gold Coast snake catcher Tony Harrison with the goanna that attacked the 8-year-old girl.


Medics ready for 'high-risk' NSW festivals

Critical care medical teams are on standby for NSW music festivals considered "high-risk" for drug overdoses and dehydration over the Australia Day long weekend, the state's health department says.

Electric Gardens in Centennial Park and Hardcore Till I Die at the Sydney Showground in Olympic Park will each be held on Saturday, while Rolling Loud Australia festival takes over the Homebush venue on Sunday.

Three critical care doctors, a critical care paramedic and four emergency nurses will attend each event alongside festival medical teams, while thousands of bottles of free chilled water will be available to crowds.

There will also be shaded "chill out" spaces, phone charging facilities, first aid kits and free electrolyte drinks.

"NSW Health has put multiple harm reduction measures in place ahead of what is forecast to be a very hot long weekend, to do all we can to prevent deaths at these events," chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant said in a statement on Friday.

The department has launched a social media campaign - featuring doctors, paramedics and a young drug overdose survivor - as a reminder to those engaging with "party drugs" to seek help quickly if they feel unwell. "MDMA can kill," Dr Chant said.

"If you or a friend is confused, dizzy, too hot, vomiting or has a fast heart rate, get to the medical tent fast. You won't get into trouble, health staff are there to help you."


Centennial Park Electric Gardens festival will be one of the events critical care teams will be attending.
Centennial Park Electric Gardens festival will be one of the events critical care teams will be attending.


Fury at bakery's 'dodgy' rule

Customers at a rural Aussie bakery have been left outraged after the owner decided to put an ATM inside, with people slamming the "dodgy" practice.

The bakery, which is not named, made the decision to change to cash only payments and instead have an ATM in store for customer's to use.

The only problem is that every transaction incurs a $2.50 fee, meaning customers are having to pay more.

A photo of the machine was uploaded to Reddit by user jigsaw153 with the caption: "Local country bakery removes eftpos and goes 'cash only'. Places private ATM in the corner, every transaction incurs a $2.50 fee."

The post quickly racked up over 14,000 upvotes, with users expressing their outrage at the blatant rip off.

"This looks like a business that doesn't want business," one person commented

"I refuse to spend money anywhere that is cash only. I never carry cash and won't use an ATM so I can get a sausage roll and a coke," another said.

Others slammed the practice as "dodgy", with one pointing out it could also make them a target for thieves.

"Also makes them an easy target. Cash only in a small town means there's probably cash on the premises over night," they said.

Do the customers have a right to be angry about the change?
Do the customers have a right to be angry about the change?


Emergency roadwork causing delays in Sydney

Traffic is building up in Sydney's inner west due to an emergency road work in Rozelle.

Three of six citybound lanes have been closed on The Crescent at James Craig Dr as crews work to fix the road.

Drivers are being warned to allow for plenty of extra travel time as delays are expected in the area.


Driver uses stolen car to ram Qld cop

A police officer is lucky to be alive after three people in a stolen car ran him down west of Brisbane.

The officer spotted the vehicle running a red light in Toowoomba on Wednesday night.

"He's doing a three-point turn and coming back toward me," the officer can be heard saying into his radio on body-cam footage released by police. When he tried to intercept the car, the driver veered across the road and rammed into the officer's motorcycle, knocking the policeman off his bike. "941, I'm down, I'm down, he's run into me," the officer says after a series of groans as he and the bike fell to the ground.

The 50-year-old sergeant suffered a dislocated left shoulder, and rib, hand and ankle injuries.

He spent the night in Toowoomba Hospital but has since been released. A second officer was assaulted and bitten on the arm while arresting the driver a short time after the first officer was mowed down.

The 29-year-old offender remains in hospital under police guard and is yet to be charged.

His passengers, a man, 20, and a woman, 25, were arrested without incident. The pair were charged with 11 offences, including armed robbery and obstructing an officer, after they allegedly went to a Mount Lofty home earlier in the evening, threatened a resident with a knife and then stole his car. They appeared in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Thursday. The man was remanded in custody to appear in the same court on April 4. The woman was granted bail and will also return to court on April 4.



Double demerits for long weekend

Drivers are being warned to be careful on NSW this Australia Day long weekend, with double demerits now in full force.

Double demerits are in place from January 25 to midnight on January 28.

Anyone caught speeding, using their phone, not wearing a seatbelt or motorcyclists riding without a helmet with cop extra demerit points.

Police will also be out in full force monitoring Australia Day celebrations on Saturday.

Operation Commander, Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb APM, said large crowds are expected to join in the various events throughout the state and police will be there to ensure you are able to do this safely.

"Uniformed and plainclothes police will be patrolling the streets, targeting alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour," Assistant Commissioner Webb said.

"We ask that the public take responsibility for your actions, look after your mates and drink in moderation to avoid any negative interactions with police."



Man fighting for life after dog attack

A 40-year-old man is fighting for his life in hospital after he and a mum and child were attacked by two dogs at a home in Sydney's west.

The man, a 30-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter were all bitten by the animals in Tregear on Thursday afternoon.

The dogs, a male and female, are believed to be American Staffordshire terriers.

According to emergency services the man was left with multiple lacerations on his body and went into cardiac arrest after the mauling.

He was staying at the home and is not the dogs' owner.

The man needed to be resuscitated, received a blood transfusion and was then placed in an induced coma before being transported by road to Westmead Hospital, CareFlight said.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Phil Templeman said the victim had injuries to his ears, face, abdomen and chest.

The bitten girl was taken to the nearby children's hospital, accompanied by her mother who was not admitted.

The RSPCA were called in to tranquillise the dogs and they were taken to the councils animal holding facility.

The owner will have the chance to decide to have the dogs euthanised before police and council become involved in discussions about their future.

The man was placed in a coma before being flown to hospital. Picture: Seven News
The man was placed in a coma before being flown to hospital. Picture: Seven News