Emergency crews at the scene.
Emergency crews at the scene. Claudia Baxter

Runaway van rolls over man

A MAN was run over by a runaway van and taken to hospital with serious injuries last night after an accident in Bundamba.

The man, believed to be moving into his new place of residence in Kingfisher Crt, was pinned underneath the van after it rolled towards him.

Ipswich police senior sergeant Steve Riznyk said the van "apparently rolled over the male driver who was unloading it. They were moving furniture."

"He's been dragged down the driveway and across the road and wedged underneath the vehicle, sustaining serious injuries," Sen Sgt Riznyk said.

The forensic crash investigation unit was called to investigate and the street was sealed off.

The man was treated by ambulance and Queensland fire and rescue officers before being removed from the scene and taken to hospital.

Local resident Alex Lam, also a first aid officer, was the first to attend the accident after hearing a loud noise.

"I was in the middle of cooking and I heard a big bang," Mr Lam said.

"I rushed out and saw the van was back towards my house. All I heard was the man moaning and I saw him under the van. Apparently he had a fractured elbow, bleeding nose and a cracked head.

"I called 000 and the ambulance, police and fire brigade came straight away."