Dangerous drug driver jumps from car moments before crash

A DRIVER who fled police down a gravel road jumped from his moving car before it crashed and burned.

Startled road workers saw the crash and the driverless silver Ford Falcon go up in smoke.

Appearing in Ipswich Magistrates Court, Braydon John Holt, 27, pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle on September 26, 2019; driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle; driving with drugs in his system on August 13; and a series of unrelated offences including fuel drive-offs.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Chis O'Neill said jumping from a moving car heading toward people, had been the result of ridiculous behaviour and Holt needed a jail term with ongoing supervision.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said it was serious offending with police first seeing Holt crossing double lines into oncoming traffic on a busy road at 11.20am when a truck turned in front of him.

He then drove at excessive speeds along Ipswich roads.

At Willowbank he was seen doing fishtails causing dust. Police lost sight of him.

When police saw the Ford again it had smoke coming from its cabin, and Holt had his head out of the cabin window unable to see.

Ms Sturgess said the facts showed Holt jumped from the car as it approached the crest of a hill. The vehicle continued on before crashing through a fence and catching fire.

Ms Sturgess said Holt told police he jumped from the car at a speed of between 40-50kmh. She said the driverless vehicle was heading towards an area where people were working.

"It was highly dangerous, and irresponsible," Ms Sturgess said.

Facts included Holt being intercepted driving a Ford ute at West Ipswich on August 13 last year and testing positive to methylamphetamine and cannabis.

On September 16 Holt was seen dumping his scooter and jumping a tennis court fence on Queen Victoria Parade and hiding under bushes.

He was grabbed by police and his backpack was found to hold a small quantity of cannabis. Holt told police he saw it on a dining table and took it to annoy the owner.

The dangerous driving occurred on Rosewood Rd at Amberley and Coopers Rd at Ebenezer after police saw a silver Ford Falcon with no registration plates.

Police said when Holt drove onto a gravel road at Willowbank he deliberately fishtailed to create dust.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Holt spent four days in police custody, which had been a wake-up call.

Taking into account all matters before her Ms Sturgess sentenced Holt to nine months jail with immediate parole for the dangerous driving offence.

Holt was disqualified from driving for nine months. He received lesser jail terms for other offences.

Holt was ordered to pay restitution of $90 and $109.37 for two fuel drive-offs. He was fined $900 and disqualified from driving for three months for the drug driving offence.