'Rule it out': Pollie's message over council boundary change

STIRLING Hinchliffe has been asked to rule out an undivided Ipswich City Council over fears the region's rural areas will be forgotten.

The LNP's Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause has written to Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe over the future make-up of Ipswich's internal boundaries.

A majority of residents voted for multi-councillor divisions in a council survey earlier this year; a recommendation sent to Mr Hinchliffe for his consideration.

Mr Krause wrote to the Minister this week questioning how long before a decision would be made.

"With only nine months until the 2020 council elections, time needs to be given to allow for the matter to be assessed by the Local Government Change Commission, the (new) divisional boundaries to be redrawn, these redrawn boundaries opened for public consultation, boundaries to be finalised, and then allow candidates enough time to campaign for election in divisions that are presently completely unknown," he wrote.

Mr Krause reiterated his call for single-councillor representation in divisions.

"Given the rural areas I represent, a single councillor model would be better suited to represent constituents, so there is a clear line of accountability for that division," he wrote.

"There remains a lingering concern that the government will impose an undivided council on Ipswich - silencing dissenting voices outside of more populous suburbs and making it harder for residents of rural Ipswich to have their voices heard.

"I call on you to set the Ipswich community's concerns to rest by setting out a clear timeframe for this process... and to immediately rule out an undivided council for Ipswich."

Mr Hinchliffe's office said he had referred the matter to the change commission and any timing was up to them.