GET UP: The Ipswich Rangers kick-start their season today.
GET UP: The Ipswich Rangers kick-start their season today. Inga Williams

Rugby 10s to showcase talent at Woodend

Eight teams, including two from hosts the Ipswich Rangers and one from the Goodna Gladiators, will take over Woodend Park tomorrow for a pre-season Rugby 10s tournament.

The fast-paced format is a chance for players to impress selectors as Queensland aims to overcome their recent poor form against the NSW Suburban representative side.

Looking to put their best foot forward this weekend, Ipswich Rangers veteran Jarred Lacey said he'd like to see more Rangers players selected in the annual interstate competition.

"I'm pretty excited for this to be honest,” Lacey said. "We started doing pre-season in December and we won't have our first proper game until April 29 so the boys just want to get out there and play.

"Having some selectors there this weekend is some added motivation for the boys to put their hands up and showcase their skill. I've seen a lot of good players who previously haven't had a look in so hopefully that turns around this year.”

After the success of the Brisbane Global Rugby 10s tournament at Suncorp Stadium, the shorter format has gathered momentum among rugby fans.

Given plenty of room to move, Lacey said the Ipswich version will see plenty of highlights.

"I think 7s is good but should be played by higher level athletes,” he admitted. "But you put it up a couple to 10s and it's more like the 15 man-a-side but there's a lot more room for the backs to come through and forward to cause some trouble.

"It's a good format for the pre-season and it'll test the boys fitness.”

The QSRU 10s tournament begins from noon tomorrow, with games played on both Rangers fields at Woodend Park.