An image showing Shakib Al Hasan appearing to rub the ball into the pitch behind umpire Nigel Llong.
An image showing Shakib Al Hasan appearing to rub the ball into the pitch behind umpire Nigel Llong.

Rubbed out: Bangladesh caught ball tampering?

AUSTRALIA and match officials took no offence to Bangladesh's cheeky send-off of Pat Cummins, but they may take a dimmer view of star all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan appearing to rub the ball into the pitch last night in Chittagong.

Video emerged on social media shortly after stumps on day three of Shakib appearing to rub the ball into the Chittagong dirt behind the legs of umpire Nigel Llong, who seems oblivious to what's going on behind him.

The incident was missed by match officials but it will be interesting to see if the ICC reviews the tape and believes the action constitutes ball tampering.

Further footage would need to be examined to establish any guilt, as these are often contentious debates, but in any case it was an eye-raising move from Shakib given the extremely strict rules the ICC enforces around tampering the ball.

Players are forbidden from changing the state or characteristics of the ball by rubbing or scratching.



Bangladesh were in a chirpy mood late last night, with the plucky hosts not afraid to sledge their more fancied opponents.

Social media lit up last night when Nasir Hossain gave Cummins a cheeky send-off from the field after the Australian right-hander failed to offer a shot and was given out lbw on review.

Waiting for the signal from the video screen, Nasir hustled himself right up next to Llong and raised his finger at the exact same time as the umpire as if they were synchronised swimmers.

Had an Australian given one of the Bangladeshi batsmen similar treatment there would have been hell to pay, but in the context of what it was, it appeared to be harmless fun from Nasir.

It's understood the match officials aren't concerning themselves with the incident and it seems Australia took no offence either.

"I wasn't watching, so I don't know much about that. It's one for obviously the umpires to look at and deem if it was a send-off or not," said Australian batsman, David Warner.

"From my past track records (of being in disciplinary trouble) I know that the heat can get to you sometimes. I'm not making excuses for him, but yeah."

Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal was fined and lost a demerit point for giving Australian keeper Matt Wade an animated send-off during the first Test in Dhaka.

It's understood Wade had been his usual vocal self in the field earlier in the match and Bangladesh weren't going to miss an opportunity to give it back.

The assertive approach from Bangladesh shows just how far the ninth-ranked side in world cricket have come in terms of confidence since beating England and Sri Lanka in recent times.

If Australia thought they could mentally get on top of their opponents, they've been proven wrong.

Cummins turned his back and walked straight from the field upon being given out and it's unlikely he was immediately aware of Nasir's send-off from down at the umpire's end.

Shakib has taken just the one wicket in Chittagong after bagging five back in Dhaka.

It was a brilliant day out for Bangladeshi 19-year-old Mehidy Hasan who claimed three Australian wickets, including Cummins, Glenn Maxwell and Hilton Cartwright.