Rowe flaunts incredible abs in tiny crop


There is no denying Jessica Rowe looks absolutely incredible on The Real Dirty Dancing.

The 49-year-old mother-of-two left viewers in awe as she showed off her washboard abs in a tiny white crop top, during Monday night's premiere of the new dancing show on Channel 7.

Rowe has joined seven other celebrities who have headed to "Kellerman's Resort" to determine who becomes Baby and Johnny for the final performance.

But it was Rowe's rock-hard abs that took centre stage, with fans flooding social media to comment on the presenter and journalist's toned physique.


"You're such an inspiration Jess … and you look ridiculously amazing in those black little pants," one fan commented on a series of snaps Rowe posted to her Instagram page.

"Amazing body!!" said another.

"Beautiful inside & out!!! You were so sexy," a third commented.

"Oh Jess, you look so fit and fabulous."

On the show, Rowe found herself letting go of her inhibitions and rediscovering her sensual side, for which many fans complimented her, saying how "inspirational" she is.

Although, Rowe admitted that she found it "very confronting".

"I'm a mum, I'm married, I've got two young girls - and when you're responsible you think you have to be a particular way," Rowe recently said on The Morning Show.


"So for me to shed my inhibitions and shed my gear was hard, but I wanted to do this properly.

"You're so tied up in caring for everyone else that you do lose yourself - and I hadn't expected to be confronted with that when I signed up to do the show."

However, even though she did find it emotional and difficult, Rowe learned a lot about herself.

"I think especially for mums, we need to remember that we are a woman inside of all of that," she said.


Rowe told TV Week her body toned up as a result of the intense dance rehearsals required for the show.

"I was doing dancing each day and also holding (my) body in a way that you don't do each day. I think that also makes a difference," she told the publication.

"Also it's about confidence. I think if you do anything with confidence, that also makes a difference too, if you own it.

"That's why when wardrobe said, 'We want you to wear this', I said, 'What?!' I put it on and thought you know what, if I've been given this to wear, when else am I going to dance in my underpants on the TV?"


Rowe is no fan of diets. In fact, she think they’re ‘crap’. Instead, she says it’s all about balance. Picture: Instagram/Jessjrowe
Rowe is no fan of diets. In fact, she think they’re ‘crap’. Instead, she says it’s all about balance. Picture: Instagram/Jessjrowe



Rowe doesn't diet or restrict herself. A scroll through her Instagram feed will show you she enjoys family-friendly meals like sausages, burgers, takeaway pizza, ice cream and even chocolate in bed.

And she thinks "diets are crap".

"They make me so cross. It's nonsense. It's not a healthy way to live your life or lead your life because it's all about denial and that's not healthy," she told Body+Soul in 2018.

She for Rowe, it's all about balance.

"You eat more healthy food than crap food and you get your body moving, but you do it sensibly, not in extreme ways," she told the publication.





On weekends Rowe likes to treat herself with "an almond or choccy croissant for breakfast", along with a "big coffee in the morning".

She also explained she stayed fit and toned with "pilates once a week" and "walking to the car" to get her steps up.

She is also a lover of weights training, saying it makes her feel "empowered" and "strong".

In 2013, when she wrote a column for Essential Kids, Rowe said: "I am skinny. Always have been, always will be. And no, I don't have an eating disorder," shutting down the comments she often receives about her slim figure.

"I like my body. Sure, there are things I'd love to change. Don't we all want to suck this in, tighten this up, stick this out? I'd love to have boobs, no stretch marks, no cellulite and no varicose veins. But my padded bra, chicken fillets (the type you stuff in your bra, not in the oven) and a spray-on tan can work magic. What I can't change is my body type."

Rowe said she had a "ball" filming the show.

The Real Dirty Dancing airs on Monday night, 7.30pm on Channel 7.