Rosewood Aquatic Centre's pool will be closed until at least mid-November.
Rosewood Aquatic Centre's pool will be closed until at least mid-November. Bev Lacey

Rosewood pool to remain closed over school holidays

ROSEWOOD pool's rapid deterioration, which will keep it closed until at least mid-November, has brought into question the need for council representation in the township.

Concerned Rosewood resident Carmel Luetchford said the Rosewood Aquatic Centre usually closes throughout the winter, but re-opens in time for the September school holidays.

"No notification (had) been made to the local community by Ipswich City Council or the (operator) Just Sports and Fitness," she said.

"I'm at the stage where I feel Rosewood is neglected and forgotten, to some extent, by the council.

"There's a lot of concerns within the community when the council elections come around, how much representation are we going to have here?"

A council spokesperson verified the pool is closed for "urgent works", where pipes under the pool, as well as the pool lining, need to be replaced.

"Cracks have appeared in the pool over time and were being fixed as part of a regular maintenance program. But extreme dry conditions created a need for full repair," they said.

The council has engaged a tender process and if timelines are met, the pool will re-open mid-November.

Council acting general manager for Infrastructure and Environment Tony Dileo said a contractor would fix the leak and replace the pool lining.

"The council has been working closely with the operator to communicate the pending works, and once timing for repair is known a notification will be sent to the community.

Pool members have also been provided with a $10 offer for Leichhardt Swim Centre until the Rosewood Aquatic Centre reopens, Mr Dileo said.

But Ms Luetchford feared Rosewood could "become the forgotten child in the Ipswich family" in the shadow of the CBD, Springfield and Ripley without proper representation in council.

Stirling Hinchliffe MP and Greg Chemello.
Interim administrator Greg Chemello. Cordell Richardson

Interim administrator Greg Chemello said in an email to Ms Luetchford that in the March 2020 elections, Rosewood would receive due attention.

"In terms of council representation in the future, as you know the State Government's Change Commission is recommending Ipswich move to have four divisions, each having two elected representatives," he wrote.

"This means four out of the eight councillors in the future will - in part - represent the interests of non-urban areas of Ipswich including Rosewood. I believe you will see far more attention given across the breadth of council to non-urban areas under this arrangement."