Kangaroo skinned and left on the side of the road

A WOMAN who happened on the distressing sight of a skinned kangaroo on the corner of Woods Rd and Booral Rd at Bunya Creek has told of her fear that schoolchildren would be exposed to the macabre sight.

The woman, who didn't want to be named, said she was driving when she first saw the kangaroo.

On her way back past, she took a photo so she could alert the Chronicle and the council.

A spokesman from the Fraser Coast Regional Council said the kangaroo would be collected along with another dead kangaroo in Booral.

The woman said there were distinct cuts marks where the kangaroo's skin had been removed.

She said it concerned her that people were potentially carrying knives around.

"The whole skin has been removed," the woman said.

With school buses regularly travelling along the road, the woman said she hoped that children hadn't seen the horrific sight.

She said it was hard to imagine what type of person would do that to an animal.

"Some people do see kangaroos as pests," she said.

Mardi Liebelt also posted about seeing the kangaroo on the Fraser Coast Brickbats and Bouquets Facebook page.

The post attracted about a dozen comments from other horrified residents.

Fraser Coast wildlife carer Natalie Richardson said it was not unusual to see people interfering with the corpses of dead wildlife on the side of the road.

She said she had once seen a man take a kangaroo's body for crab pot bait.

She said from the photo she believed the roo had been professionally skinned.

Attempts to contact police to see if a complaint had been made were unsuccessful.


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