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Rod Stewart sued after breaking fan's nose

ROD Stewart is being sued for $10,000 after breaking a fan's nose with a soccer ball.

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker was performing a show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in October 2012 when he forcefully kicked the ball into the audience and hit an onlooker in the face.

Fan Mostafa Kashe is now claiming the staggering sum to compensate for his lost wages, his cosmetic surgery bills and his attorney fees following the incident.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the 53-year-old electrical engineer claims the 69-year-old singer was "negligent, careless and/or reckless" in his actions causing him to be "unexpectedly hit in the face" with the flying ball.

The civil negligence lawsuit, filed by Mostafa at the Clark County district court in Nevada, reads: "Stewart has significant experience in the sport of soccer and experience in kicking soccer balls, having previously tried out for a professional soccer team in the UK and regularly playing in amateur soccer leagues since his youth.

"Stewart either knew or should have known that his actions could cause injury to unsuspecting patrons of his concerts."

He is also reported to be suing Caesars Palace and concert promoters AEG Live.

Meanwhile, Rod - who often kicks signed soccer balls out into the crowd during his gigs - reportedly told The Daily Record that his shows wouldn't be the same if he was to stop the tradition.

He said: "The show wouldn't be the show if I stopped kicking out those footballs. It would be like not playing Maggie May."