Adani has awarded a rail contract for its mining project.
Adani has awarded a rail contract for its mining project.

Rocky to benefit from major Adani rail deal

ROCKHAMPTON workers are set to cash in on Adani jobs as the mining giant confirms it has signed a major rail deal with Siemens.

Siemens has been awarded a contract to deliver rail signalling systems for the Carmichael Rail Network.

The deal will create and preserve up to 50 jobs for regional Queenslanders, and while an exact figure could not be advised, an Adani spokeswoman confirmed a fair portion would go to Rockhampton locals.

It comes after the announcement of the award of a $100 million-plus rail laying contract to Martinus and a $40 million-plus contract to build rail camps to Decmil - both of which will be delivered from Rockhampton.

Siemens is expected to hire project staff, engineers, construction workers and tradesmen to deliver the system, which is designed to keep the trains running safely and efficiently.

Siemens's core technology helps avoid derailments, which secures a clean environment along the rail line.

Siemens will deliver the signalling systems equipment from workshops and offices across regional Queensland, which will ensure that Queenslanders benefit from the resulting jobs and economic activity.

Carmichael project director David Boshoff said highly specialised skills were needed to deliver such technical infrastructure.

"We are pleased to be working with Siemens as the company is known for its exceptional experience in building rail signalling infrastructure around the world," Mr Boshoff said.

"After an extensive competitive process, we are confident that Siemens will provide the signalling systems that will ensure the safety of train drivers and workers who will operate our new rail network in Central Queensland."

The 200km long Carmichael Rail Network will link Adani's Carmichael Mine in Central Queensland, now under construction, to the existing rail network so coal can be transported 300km to the coast for export to overseas markets where it will be used to generate electricity to help improve living standards in Asia.

Siemens will provide a signalling system that complies with relevant codes and regulations to ensure train drivers and rail operations team can safely navigate and integrate with the existing rail network.

The delivery of specialised signalling equipment includes colour light signals, signalling equipment rooms, power systems such as solar, site earthing and surge protection, level crossing systems, traffic control systems, IT infrastructure and more.

Mr Boshoff said Adani Mining had awarded more than $500 million in contracts for construction of the Carmichael Project, many of which have been awarded to Queensland businesses.

"The operations of the rail camps will be based in Collinsville, earthworks and civil works are coming from Townsville and Rockhampton, fuel supply is from Townsville, telecommunications is from Mackay, rail track laying and rail camp construction is from Rockhampton, the quarry contract went to a Toowoomba-based business and many other regional businesses and locations across regional Queensland are also getting involved," Mr Boshoff said.