IN A matter of months, thousands of Ipswich high school kids will be sticking the P-plates to the back of mum and dad's car and heading out to end-of-year parties.

The end of Year 12 period has become notorious for teenage road fatalities but Ipswich police, firefighters and paramedics are determined to see that our kids are aware of the shocking realities before they hit the road.

The Rocky Horror Road Show has been attracting busloads of high school students for several years now, using a life-like fatal car crash scenario to demonstrate exactly how the emergency services respond to such a grisly scene.

St Mary's student Rachel Vella, who yesterday posed as one of the crash victims, said it was an eye-opening experience.

"It really opened my eyes to what it is like in an emergency situation - just to see how many people are required at the scene of a crash," she said.

Ipswich District Inspector Keith McDonald said yesterday's demonstration had to be as vivid as possible to ensure the safety message was not lost on teens.