Candice Norman leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court.
Candice Norman leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court. Ross Irby

Road rager attacked grandfather with kids in vehicle

CANDICE Norman was angry when she threw her drink over another person's vehicle, then jumped out to verbally abuse a grandfather whose driving got up her nose.

She apparently became annoyed when her car had to merge behind his bigger Toyota Landcruiser.

The man's frightened grandchildren were in the car as Norman's road-rage flared and she smashed the windscreen of his vehicle.

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly told Ipswich Magistrates Court the victim was a 69-year-old man.

Candice Ashley Norman, 30, from Springfield Lakes, pleaded guilty to wilful damage; and committing a public nuisance at Springfield Central on May 9.

Sgt Donnelly said Norman was a front seat passenger in a Toyota Camry at 8.30am on Parkland Drive.

The other vehicle was in the right lane of two parallel traffic lanes and the driver thought the Camry was going to merge behind him.

The Camry driver was intending to merge in front of the Landcruiser, and Norman became enraged when the vehicle she was in was forced to give way.

Norman threw a McDonald's cup full of Coke onto the bonnet and windscreen of the Landcruiser.

Both vehicles stopped at red lights further up the road.

Sgt Donnelly said Norman got out of the passenger seat and unleashed "a tirade of abuse"

"Don't you know how to f***ing merge you f***ing c**t", she was heard to say.

He said Norman was seen to swing her arm and shape up (at the victim) but then apparently changed her mind.

The man is alleged to have said "Look at you. Why don't you go back to where you came from" and Norman pulled-up his windscreen wiper.

She then returned from the Camry with a bag and struck his windscreen, which broke.

Sgt Donnelly said this caused a child seated in the front passenger seat to become fearful.

Police viewed film of the incident taken by a witness on a mobile phone, Sgt Donnelly said it was provided to various media outlets.

It was also shown online through social media.

Norman declined an opportunity to speak about the matter when magistrate Andy Cridland asked if she had anything to add.

Mr Cridland said that in such an incident the question arises as to whether the person charged was a suitable person to be allowed to drive.

"You have no traffic or criminal history at all and I take that into account," Mr Cridland said.

"I will take no action on your driver's licence and expect that it will not happen again."

He fined Norman $1000 and ordered that she pay $769 restitution for the damage. A conviction not recorded.