Liam Dibb leaves court after copping a heavy fine and licence disqualification over an act of road rage that already resulted in his car being written off.
Liam Dibb leaves court after copping a heavy fine and licence disqualification over an act of road rage that already resulted in his car being written off.

Road rage coin thrower crashes, destroys car

A HOT-HEADED motorist who threw a 20 cent coin in an act of road rage ended up coming out of the encounter second best, an Ipswich court has heard this week.

After throwing the coin while passing the other vehicle in the emergency lane, Liam Dibb crashed into a concrete barrier, destroying his Mazda sedan.

Liam Stuart Dibb, 32, a panel beater from Woollongabba, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and consideration; endangering the safe use of a vehicle by throwing an object; and driving when drug positive.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said police were called to investigate a crash about noon on October 9, 2019.

Dibb had been behind the wheel of a silver Mazda travelling on the Ipswich Motorway when he came up behind a silver Toyota Avalon.

Dibb claimed the driver ahead of him then began brake-checking him and he went into the right emergency lane to overtake.

“He said he threw coins at the driver as he was being taunted. The other driver said the Mazda attempted to overtake in the emergency lane and he (Dibb) threw a 20 cent coin that struck him in the head,” Sgt Caldwell said.

“He gave police officers the 20 cent piece.”

Sgt Caldwell said the other driver told police that when the Mazda tried to merge in on him (from the emergency lane) he took evasive action and went left but there had been another car so had to merge back.

His Avalon and Dibb’s Mazda came into contact.

Sgt Caldwell said CCTV shows the Mazda being driven just 30cm behind the man’s car for a distance of 200m, then Dibb attempts to overtake in the emergency lane.

After the two cars hit, the Mazda collided with the concrete barrier.

The court heard cannabis was detected in Dibb’s system.

Defence lawyer Michael O’Brien said Dibb‘s conduct had been reactionary, “although a gross lapse of judgment albeit dangerous”.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Dibb was clearly tailgating the other driver.

Mr O’Brien that the driver had “taunted” Dibb prior to the tailgating, although Dibb accepted his response as being unjustified and unsafe, and says it was fortunate no one was injured.

Mr O’Brien said it was a consequence of diagnosed ADHD “that he can be over-sensitive”.

He said Dibb’s car was written-off as a consequence and he had already suffered a significant financial burden.

Ms Sturgess said Dibb was lucky not to be charged with assault after the driver was struck in the head by the 20 cent coin.

She noted his history included wilful damage, public nuisance, and assault/obstruction of police, speeding offences, and being a driver who wilfully made noise or smoke.

“It suggests you may be an impatient driver Mr Gibb,” she said.

“Pulling out into the emergency lane is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do. That is not what it is for.”

“I got a back injury too,” Gibb suddenly said.

“Can’t blame anyone but yourself for that,” Ms Sturgess said.

“At 32 you are old enough to know better.

“And the fact of life is you can’t lose your temper every time someone does something (you don’t like).”

Gibb was convicted and fined $1800. His licence was disqualified for one month.