Road issue at the top of Ipswich's list

IT HAS been fantastic to see the response and engagement from readers with our Future Ipswich campaign.

This campaign is about setting up our city for success as we face an incredible surge in population.

In short, it is everyone's problem and everyone will be affected as more and more people decide to call the Ipswich region home.

It is hard to pick one priority when there are so many areas that need attention, but transport must surely be on the top of the list for many people.

Yes, we need better roads, however, we need to think far more broadly than that.

We need to think about how to get cars off the road.

That means more people on public transport and more people sharing the cars that are on the roads. It also means making sure people can live, work and play close to home.

If we can get the pieces of the puzzle to fit together now, we'll create a better city long term.