The Nannas mixed berry mix.
The Nannas mixed berry mix.

Risk of more berries contaminated with hep A 'low': Patties

IT is unlikely there will be more cases of hepatitis A from contaminated Nanna's frozen mixed berries, the company has said.

Nanna's frozen berries were recalled earlier this year after an outbreak of hepatitis A affected about 30 people across Australia.

The Victoria Department of Health and Human Services has tested two opened frozen berry packets from people who had caught hepatitis A and one of these had traces of the disease.

But in a company statement from Patties Foods, it noted this packet was opened and was open to contamination because of this.

The department also tested eight random samples from packets purchased in Victorian supermarkets. Out of these, hepatitis A was detected in one packet.

In a statement the company said it had completed microbiological and viral testing of random samples and had not detected any traces of hepatitis A or E coli in any Nanna's Mixed Berries 1kg sample.

Patties Foods chief Steven Chaur said there was no evidence of systemic failure of Patties Foods' quality assurance programs.

Since being notified of the outbreak, Mr Chaur said the company had stopped importing from possible contaminated sources and increased testing of all imported frozen berries.

About 360 frozen berry packs were sent for hepatitis A testing in Europe, North America and Australia.

Mr Chaur said no hepatitis A or E coli was detected in any batch codes.

The statement said as the completion of the 50-day hepatitis A incubation period nears, the risk of further cases was low.

More than 24 million packets of frozen berries are sold in Australian supermarkets each year.