ACTIVE PLANS: Ripley FC officials Nick Paterson (left) and Brodie Kenyon are keen to see a new football club catering for families in the closeknit community.
ACTIVE PLANS: Ripley FC officials Nick Paterson (left) and Brodie Kenyon are keen to see a new football club catering for families in the closeknit community. Franca Tigani

Ripley vision to boost family football in boom suburb

ONE of Ipswich's most popular sports could soon take off in the booming suburb of Ripley.

And if two of the city's most connected footballers receive the support needed, Ipswich could have another valuable community-based club for years to come.

Players Brodie Kenyon and Nick Paterson are working with an ambitious committee keen to see Ripley FC forge ahead.

A new strip has been created and the focus is on getting the club up and running as early as next year.

Good mates Kenyon (Ripley FC president) and Paterson (committee-vice-president) have been long-time supporters of Ipswich football clubs the Knights, Bulls and Western Spirit.

But now they want to inject their years of playing and coaching experience into a new grassroots club based at South Ripley.

That is provided the newly-formed club can use the exciting multi-use sports complex being established in coming months.

"The committee is formed and we're in the process now of application for the fields,'' Pat-erson said.

"A lot of it is relying on getting field space . . . a field to play out of. That's our main goal.

"We want to stay local.''

With Paterson and Kenyon both living in the Ripley area, they are hopeful their submission will be accepted.

"We've designed the colours, the greys and the yellows, and we've got the incorporated company,'' Kenyon said.

"Everything is set up ready to go so it's just on to the tender process.''

Other committee members backing the Ripley FC plan include secretary CJ Rasmussen and treasurer Sanio Sofric.

The committee has held a series of meetings at the South Ripley Community Centre creating its vision.

"Ideally we want to start grassroots,'' Paterson said, keen to provide a terrific sporting opportunity for the kids of families moving into the growth suburb.

"At the same time, I'd love to have a senior team down here to be involved with and play with some mates in the area.

"We're looking at next year because they plan to have the fields ready by April for winter sports next season.

"If we get allocation, we're ready to go.''

Paterson said it was important to keep building Ipswich's football nursery.

"I've been in football for a long time and I know with the young kids coming through, if we can keep everything within the community, it would be great,'' he said.

"The community is only going to grow out here.

"We'll start from the ground up and build something out here that we can develop in years to come.''

Kenyon still plays in the Football Queensland Premier League competition with Souths United having enjoyed a long association with the Ipswich Knights.

Paterson is coaching at Taringa after recent seasons working with Western Spirit and the Bulls.

"I know how most clubs run,'' Paterson said.

"I know there's probably 20 guys in the Ripley area that have moved out here recently that I have played with over the last few years.

"So just speaking to them, we turned up something local (with this plan). Not as serious as other Ipswich sides have got.

"It's designed for families. They can bring their little ones down, they can play and then have a kick around themselves later on.''

He expects the junior sides to align with Football Brisbane.