Ripley is one of the fastest growing areas in the country.
Ripley is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Rob Williams

Family-orientated suburb has mass appeal

BUSES and schools are buoying major Ripley development Providence to success - along with solid word of mouth.

Ripley has ranked number two in the state for development approvals and population growth in the latest Housing Institute of Australia Population and Building Hotspot report.

Providence project director Michael Khan said early features such as a community centre, cafe and community hub, helped boost the project's popularity.

"With Providence, we launched the project back in 2014, with a very strong focus on building an early neighbourhood and community hub we could deliver," he said.

"People are able to experience the quality we're looking to deliver in providence and give them a bit of flavour for what's to come in the development.

"We built the splash and play adventure park and included some community space within the providence centre as well (as 40 West Cafe and Bar) ... the focus was really to provide a meeting space for the community, and also to become a bit of a regional destination."

Five years into the project Mr Khan said there is around 15 more to go, with two more estates, Providence East and Providence West to come, each housing 2000 people, as well as a town centre retail space measuring 15,000-20,000sq m.

"We now have a bus service that runs from Springfield through Ripley, up through Yamanto and into Ipswich, that commenced in January this year," Mr Khan said.

"The big project we would love to see into the Ripley Valley is the extension of the railway line from Springfield up through Ripley, then back through to Ipswich,"

"It would be a fantastic catalyst for the area and a great initiative from the government to get that early railway line in."

Aside from public transport, the up-and-coming suburb has a primary and a secondary school due to open for 2020, with estimated completion by the end of the year.

"There's a real spirit and vibe that's been driven into Providence that everyone enjoys and a lot of word of mouth coming out of residents, we get a lot of referrals into friends that buy into Providence," Mr Khan said.