Riot police fire tear gas on Paris climate change protest

RIOT police have fired tear gas into crowds of protesters at the Place de la Republique in Paris and arrested more than 200 people ahead of critical global warming talks to be held outside the city.

France has been placed under a state of emergency since coordinated attacks in the capital city that killed 130 people.

A ban has been imposed on all protests under the security measure and police fired numerous rounds of tear gas into crowds in the square, where Parisians have been gathering to place flowers in remembrance of those killed in the recent attacks.

Despite the ban, thousands had gathered in central Paris and formed a human chain along the route of the long-planned protest march, before being dispersed.

A record 50,000 people reportedly marched through London on Sunday, in a demonstration joined by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, designer Vivienne Westwood and actor Emma Thompson. Singer Charlotte Church took a Welsh choir along to the march to perform a specially-written song.

Climate change events were taking place across the globe on Sunday, with marches held in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Canberra, Hong Kong and Berlin.