NO HELMET: Goodna residents have complained about trail bike riders in the area.
NO HELMET: Goodna residents have complained about trail bike riders in the area.

Rider in near-miss with garbage truck

GOODNA residents are fed up with trail bike riders and want urgent action to stop the problem.

According to residents living off Stuart St and surrounds, trail bike riders can be seen regularly riding through the streets and local parks without number plates or helmets.

A Goodna resident, who asked not to be named, said despite having complained several times to the Ipswich City Council and local police, little had been done to resolve the issue.

"We've been here for about a year and this has been happening nearly on a daily basis since we moved in," she said.

"Until recently, the riders would come flying through the park opposite us, then cross Stuart St to another block of land, often without checking for cars or pedestrians.

"It's so dangerous. After we complained to the council when one nearly hit us, a steel bollard was put up which has stopped them riding through the park. But they continue to ride on the block of land opposite the park."

While conducting the interview, the QT witnessed a trail bike rider pull out on to Stuart St without looking and who narrowly avoided being struck by a garbage truck.

Councillor Paul Tully said while he had not previously heard anything about the issue, he encouraged residents to contact police if they saw anything.

"Unfortunately there is nothing the council can do as it's not council land. I'm happy to take it up with the police to get some extra patrols in the area," Cr Tully said.

"The best thing people can do is to contact the police every time they see something and try to identify where the motorbikes are going so they can be located."

Police have been contacted for comment.