Former MP praises Muslim doctors, says LNP can win Lockyer

11th March 2017 4:11 PM
Retiring MP Ian Rickuss. CONFIDENT: Retiring MP Ian Rickuss says the LNP can retain Lockyer and has praised the contribution of Muslims in his electorate. Inga Williams

PUNDITS are tipping a One Nation win in the seat of Lockyer at the next election but retiring LNP MP Ian Rickuss begs to differ.

The seat is looking like a two-horse showdown between One Nation candidate Jim Savage and the LNP's Jim McDonald.

Mr Rickuss insists the LNP can win 47 seats out of 93 outright and form government without One Nation support.

"On my reckoning Tim Nicholls will win office outright," Mr Rickuss said.

"I will be very surprised if One Nation wins this seat of Lockyer.

"Jim McDonald is a good candidate, works hard and is well known.

"The voters have got to decide whether they want someone sitting around the government table or someone on the outside harping about what is wrong, and that is all One Nation candidates do."

Mr Rickuss believes Pauline Hanson is barking up the wrong tree with her stance on immigration, and in particular a comment she made to A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw.

"I do believe there are some that want to get on with a quiet life and a good life, but you tell me, you line up a number of Muslims, who's the good one? Who's not," Ms Hanson said.

But Mr Rickuss said Muslims had made a positive contribution in his seat.

"Pauline says 'show me a good Muslim' but three or four of our local doctors are bloody good Muslims," Mr Rickuss said.

"Dr Mohammed Sultan up here (in Gatton) would have one of the biggest practices in the Lockyer. And guess what? He's a Muslim.

"If we took all our Muslim doctors away people would be struggling to get into a GP's office up here.

"My family came from Mt Gravatt and they still live in View St which overlooks a mosque, and that mosque has been there for 108 years.

"Most people, let's face it, whether they are Muslims, Catholics, Protestants or Buddhists...just want a better life for their kids and to add to the country."

Mr Rickuss said he beat One Nation when Ms Hanson ran in Lockyer, and added that was a good sign for Mr McDonald.

But he did warn that if he was wrong, and Mr Savage did get up, it would be a sign of a One Nation wave of support elsewhere and a worry for the ALP as well.

"If we lose Lockyer then Ipswich West is gone (for the ALP), the seat of Ipswich will be very close and Maryborough, which Labor holds, will be gone," he said.

"But I will be very surprised if Lockyer goes."