Daniel Ricciardo’s hilarious isolation challenges.
Daniel Ricciardo’s hilarious isolation challenges.

Ricciardo’s golden isolation contests

As the isolation boredom begins to set in, we're all searching for ways to try and pass the time.

Some have resorted to working out with every household utensil under the same while others are just leaning into it and becoming one with the couch and churning through Netflix's library.

Daniel Ricciardo however has come up with a much better way to help pass the time.

Along with cricket star Marcus Stoinis and snowboarding superstar Scotty James, the trio have begun laying down challenges to each other.

Of course with the stars all unable to hang out and conduct the challenges face-to-face, they're filming the challenges and uploading them to their personal Instagram accounts.

The first challenge saw Ricciardo dribble a footy along the tiles before it curved through the fence, both Stoinis and James nailed their attempts.

Today however saw James lay down the challenge to the group by attempting to stuff as many marshmallows as he could into his mouth.

The X-Games gold medallist filmed his attempt that saw him finish with 17, although Ricciardo said only 16 should have counted.

Stoinis took up the challenge and bettered James' attempt by reaching the magical 20 mark which proved too great a challenge for Ricciardo who managed 16.

Ricciardo has spent his isolation in Western Australia on his family's farm and has been keeping his followers up to date with his daily happenings.

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If you're looking to pass the time, why not see if you're better than three Aussie athletes at trying to hold marshmallows in your mouth.

I mean honestly, what else have you got to do today?

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