The JIAKE 8-CORE Smartphone 5.0 Inch 4G leaves a lot to be desired.
The JIAKE 8-CORE Smartphone 5.0 Inch 4G leaves a lot to be desired.

REVIEW: I bought a $49 mobile phone

SCROLLING through mobile shopping app Wish, I came across an offer almost too good to be true; a $49 mobile phone. Now I'm warning others not to make the same mistake.

I was sceptical the phone would be any good, but as a newcomer to Wish I thought $49 was worth it. Either I would get a new mobile phone for the cheapest possible price or a dud.

So I rolled the dice and bought a brand new JIAKE 8-CORE Smartphone 5.0 Inch 4G.

After waiting a bit more than a week it arrived.

The phone doesn't have the same specs as my Huawei P10, but it does have 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

The 3MP rear camera took grainy pictures compared to the top-shelf phones and the front 1.2MP camera was barely worth using.

I connected the phone to my Wi-Fi at home and started downloading the YouTube app.

This is where I ran into my first problem, an "insufficient storage" message.

It turned out the operating system of the phone took up all the available space.

I tried removing unnecessary apps. Insufficient storage.

Not to be deterred I inserted a spare SD card. Insufficient storage.

So I was left with a phone that could turn on but not much else.

Not only that, when I put the phone in my pocket (which also had a set of keys) I soon found out the screen durability left a lot to be desired.

The one takeaway from the whole fiasco was I got a spare charger, USB cable and Bluetooth headphone.

You're probably thinking 'what did you expect from a $49 phone?' and you're right.

At least I've gone through this experience so you don't have to.

My advice is stick to medium price phones or fork out for top of the range flagships like the iPhone X or Samsung 9.

You really do get what you pay for.