REVEALED: Which Ipswich schools receive the most funding

ONE Ipswich school received more than $65.7 million in state and federal government money in three years, giving it the highest funding in the region.

The massive amount of money some schools have received from governments can be revealed after an independent compilation of figures from the MySchool website.

Bremer State High School received more money from government coffers than any other school in the region, receiving $65.7million over the three most recently available years.

Redbank Plains State High School received the second highest amount of state and federal government funding, with $63.8 million.

Woodcrest State College in Springfield was the third highest in the region receiving $63.1million over the three-year period.

A Department of Education spokesperson said Bremer is the largest state high school in Ipswich and has 2070 enrolments, up from 1866 in 2017.

"The Queensland Government has continued to invest in Bremer SHS to ensure that it has the contemporary education infrastructure it needs to cater for growth and the range of exciting and innovative programs it has on offer," they said.

"Recently, $8.47 million was invested in Bremer SHS to deliver three, new two-storey buildings providing a total of 12 additional classrooms, delivered under the Queensland Government's 2020 Ready program.

"In 2019-20, the Queensland Government is investing $185,000 to upgrade the school's junior oval."

The figures reveal exactly how much money every school has received from government funding over 2015, 2016 and 2017 calendar years and how much money has been spent on capital projects over the 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial years.

Warrill View State School received the most government funding per student of any school in the Ipswich region.

The school, which had 11 students in 2017, received $48,454 in government funding for each child.

Maroon State School in Maroon received $40,663 for each of its 11 students in 2017, the Ipswich region's second highest funding per student.

Over 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial years, West Moreton Anglican College spent $17.9 million on capital expenditure, more than any other school in the Ipswich region.

The college officially unveiled $11 million worth of new facilities, including junior and senior school administrative buildings and classrooms, as well as new and refurbished science laboratories in March.

Over that same three year period Springfield Central State High School spent $12.7 million on capital expenditure, the region's second highest.

St Mary's College spent $8.3 million on capital expenditure over that period, the third highest in the Ipswich region.

Education Minister Grace Grace said "no two schools are alike".

"Schools reflect their community and the total funding provided to individual schools reflects a range factors including the location/remoteness and any additional learning supports required by the student attending that school, such as support for students with a disability, or students from low socio-economic backgrounds," she said.

"The size of schools and programs offered may also across years as might the make-up of a school's student population. For example, a school would receive additional funding if the proportion of students with a disability or students from a low socio-economic background increased from one year to another. These types of changes will impact on the total income recorded by a school year on year.

"Schools with higher needs such as special schools, specific purpose facilities like hospital schools and detention centre units, and small or remote schools typically receive higher per student funding. Smaller schools will also tend to show a higher per student cost than larger schools due to the economies of scale in larger schools."

Ms Grace said schools also receive income through grants to cover the cost of things like staff salaries, maintenance, electricity, sporting equipment, administrative support and information technology.

"These amounts will vary from school to school based on the location, remoteness, age and condition of school buildings etc," she said.

"Grants are also provided for particular programs such as, for example, STEM, behavioural management and learn-to-swim.

"The MySchool data also captures funding that schools may generate themselves including through external arrangements such as hire fees for school facilities, P&C funding, fees for excursions and camps, international student fees, book clubs, school formals and parent contributions for certain programs - again every school is different.

"While the MySchool data also presents some information on our significant investment in school infrastructure, it does not tell the full story as it only represents capital assets that are registered in that calendar year. It does not reflect the school's total asset base and will fluctuate each year depending on the practical completion of individual capital projects or capital acquisitions."

Where the money is being spent

Ipswich's most funded schools

Bremer State High School: $65.7 million

Redbank Plains State High School: $63.8 million

Woodcrest State College: $63.1 million

Ipswich State High School: $56 million

Lockyer District State High School: $44.1 million

St Augustine's College: $42.9 million

Springfield Central State High School: $41 million

West Moreton Anglican College: $40.4 million

St Peter Claver College: $37.7 million

St Edmund's College: $36.7 million

Ipswich's least funded schools

Maroon State School: $1.1 million

Warrill View State School: $1.6 million

Mutdapilly State School: $1.6 million

Mount Sylvia State School: $1.7 million

Thornton State School: $1.7 million

Linville State School: $1.8 million

Benarkin State School: $1.8 million

Grandchester State School: $1.8 million

Patrick Estate State School: $1.9 million

Haigslea State School: $1 million

Ipswich schools with the highest capital expenditure

West Moreton Anglican College: $17.9 million

Springfield Central State High School: $12.7 million

St Mary's College: $8.3 million

Springfield Central State School: $7.2 million

Faith Lutheran College - Plainland: $6.9 million

The Springfield Anglican College: $6.5 million

St Augustine's College: $5.4 million

Staines Memorial College: $4.3 million

Westside Christian College: $3 million

St Edmund's College: $3.5 million