Council reports for the 2018/2019 financial year are now available to view online.
Council reports for the 2018/2019 financial year are now available to view online.

REVEALED: Where council spent ratepayers money this year

MORE than $110 million has been spent on construction and capital works projects throughout the Lockyer Valley in the last financial year, according to the newly-released annual report.

The multi-million dollar figure is just one piece of information available as an insight into the

of decisions local councillors are really making behind closed doors.

Annual reports for the 2018/2019 financial year have emerged for viewing on local council websites, offering an in-depth analysis of events and expenditure.

Information on library attendance, budget figures, construction costs, dog registrations, council activities, development applications, financial statements, messages from the mayor and CEO, and plenty more can be found in these reports.

The report for the Lockyer Valley Regional Council is already online, and has offered an intriguing insight into ongoing plans in the region.

On the development and construction front, the 2018/2019 financial year has been a very busy period.

  • 326 Lots were approved for subdivision
  • 283 Development Applications were received by council, and 262 of these were decided.
  • $11.6 million is the estimated amount spent on commercial construction projects throughout the region.
  • $78.1 million is the estimated cost of domestic building projects in the area.
  • $20.47 million was devoted to delivering capital works projects.
  • 1557km of road network was managed.
  • 178 hectares of parks, gardens, and council properties were mowed and maintained.

Finding ways to recycle waste has been another major focus in the region.

The amount of refuse diverted away from landfill includes:

  • 1545 tonnes of concrete waste.
  • 35.2 tonnes of electronic waste.
  • 155.8 tonnes of agricultural trickle tape.
  • 2508 tyres.

The Lockyer Valley community also doubled down on environmental improvement.

  • 14,500 trees were planted as part of riparian revegetation projects.
  • 43km of creeks were treated for weeds.
  • 17,162 hectares of property were adopted into the Land for Wildlife program.

Residents in the Somerset region will soon be able to view their council's report as well, and hard-copy versions will also be available.

Councillor Sean Choat led the push to provide the physical copies.

"The work that's gone into this report, it's something to be proud of," Cr Choat said.

"Some people prefer the feeling of a book in their hands, I love reading a physical document, so we should be providing that option."

The move will benefit those residents who are less tech-savvy, have difficulty reading documents on a computer, simply prefer to read physical copies, or want to photocopy sections or pages to keep or read later.
A copy will be placed in each council-operated library and Visitor Information Centre in the Somerset region.

The online copy for the LVRC's current and past annual reports can be found here. The SRC report, when released, will be available here.