REVEALED: Ipswich debt ranks among state's worst

THE debt of Ipswich residents to the State Government is the second-worst in Queensland, with more than $26m racked up through fines.

Defaulters living in Ipswich have racked up the second largest State Penalties Enforcement Registry debt recorded in any Queensland postcode - a total of $26.1 million.

The latest Queensland Treasury Corporation report details the level of SPER debt owed by each postcode.

With the state's second-highest debt, Ipswich's 4305 postcode owes about $1 million less than Logan, with a $27.6 million bill.

In Ipswich, 9331 debtors have 89,515 debts; an average of nine each.

Suburbs of Springfield, Gailes, Goodna, Bellbird Park, Camira and Brookwater - contained in the 4300 postcode - had a debt of $19.4 million.

It is the fifth-highest debt in the state, with 8115 debtors and 75,776 debts.

The latest SPER report reveals the agency is owed more than $1.23 billion across the state, up from $1.19 billion in May 2017.

Postcodes across the Ipswich council area owe $75.9m.

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said the government was failing to claw back cash urgently needed for schools, hospitals, infrastructure and to cut debt.

"This vast amount of money could be used to air-condition state schools," he said.

The largest debt owed to SPER by an individual or company is more than $4.5 million.

The combined total of the top five highest individual debts is more than $7.3 million.