Crocodile spotted in Annandale. Picture: Kim Macdonald/ Facebook
Crocodile spotted in Annandale. Picture: Kim Macdonald/ Facebook

Residents warned to be wary of croc peril

TOWNSVILLE residents were warned to keep an eye out for crocs in floodwaters, with five sightings reported to the State Government during the floods.

Throughout the floods ­numerous photos of wayward crocodiles appeared on social media, with one seen snapped outside of a Mundingburra house while another was spotted climbing a tree to avoid floodwaters. It is unclear whether the crocs photographed were the same reported to the ­department.

The first official report was lodged on February 2 when a crocodile was spotted at Mount Louisa.

"The crocodile was sighted in area affected by flooding. Monitoring further reports as the waters recede," Department of Environment and ­Science said in response to the sighting.

Another was reported at Murray Lions Crescent, Annandale, two days later.

Two more sightings were reported to the department in Annandale and Hyde Park in an "area affected by flooding" on February 6.

A crocodile was also spotted at Bushland Beach on February 4 but the department ruled the "Animal was in known crocodile habitat and displaying natural behaviour".

During the flood event, DES wildlife officers monitored all reports of crocodiles in floodwaters, a Department of Environment and Science spokesman said.

"DES had 12 wildlife officers on standby in Townsville with equipment to deploy in case of emergency," he said. "During the flood, five crocodile sighting reports were received on the DES Crocwatch hotline … This is not surprising as any estuarine crocodiles in floodwaters would have been ­concentrating on survival rather than feeding."