Ariana Bird is a PT at Temple Fitness in Booval.
Ariana Bird is a PT at Temple Fitness in Booval. Rob Williams

REVEALED: Runner up in Ipswich's Best Personal Trainer poll

AFTER only four weeks Ariana Bird, from Ariana Eve Fitness was 'shocked and surprised' to see an overwhelming response in the QT's Ipswich's Best Personal Trainer poll.

Ms Bird, who operates out of Temple 24-Hour Fitness, Booval as a personal trainer came in third in the QTs reader poll - the winner's of which will be announced later in the week.

Ms Bird's fitness journey started when she was 18, she said.

"I was quite an obese child but I lost a lot of weight just from healthy eating and getting in more steps. I decided to go try out the gym one day and I just loved it, I spent almost two hours in the gym five days a week.

"I didn't really know what I was doing at first, I didn't have anybody to help or teach me so I learned a lot by myself. The more that I got into fitness the more I found it was a love and a passion of mine."

Alongside working as a personal trainer Ms Bird is also studying to become a registered nurse and has almost completed her qualifications.

"Nobody really knew who I was or what I was doing before Temple Fitness," she said.

"I got offered a job here as a group fitness instructor ... I jumped on that, the people at Temple Fitness were like nobody else I'd ever met in a gym.

"They were so passionate about their trainers and their gym ... people were reaching out but they didn't know what to say or to ask for help.

"It was really easy for me to be completely honest, I was just myself and I helped," Ms Bird laughed.

"My fitness career has totally boomed and that's my number one passion, it's not work to me, I live and breathe fitness.

"How passionate I am about sport and how passionate I am about helping people really shines through."

And shine through it did with readers and voters in the poll who gushed about their training sessions with Ms Bird.

Kimberly Dawn: "Hands down the best PT in Ipswich! Ariana's love and passion for fitness is contagious, her classes are always fun filled and we all have a blast in each class."

"Ariana's complete dedication to helping you reach and exceed your goals is what I believe makes her the best and most supportive trainer," wrote Melanie Whitney.

Ipswich took to Facebook to nominate almost 500 times, with more than 60 trainers' hard work acknowledged.

Residents had their say over the long weekend. We'll publish second tomorrow and the winner on Friday.