REVEALED: Reason behind further Costco delays

NEGOTIATIONS with service providers have led to more delays for Costo, council documents reveal.

The Bundamba store was scheduled to open on November 29 last year ahead of Christmas, but back in October they delayed the opening until some time this year.

In a letter dated December 21 Ethos Urban wrote to the Ipswich City Council on behalf of the retail giant requesting minor alterations to development plans.

The request was so they could stage some external road works along Ashburn Rd to allow additional time for service providers to relocate infrastructure.

"This staging will allow for the opening of the Costco facility and service station as part of stage one through the primary access point of Wood Street," the letter said.

In a letter dated January 14, Ipswich City Council approved the request.

"Negotiations with certain infrastructure and service providers (eg Telstra) have resulted in ongoing issues associated with the timing of necessary relocation of infrastructure and services in order to facilitate certain roadworks along Ashburn Road.

"These issues specifically relate to the timing of construction for what is known as access point 2 (left in only) and access point 3 (left in, left out and right out only) on the approved plans.

"As a result, this minor alterations request seeks to stage these Ashburn Road works in order to allow for the commencement of the Costco facility and Service Station prior to these works being completed."

In the letter Costo said they could be held to completing stage two works by June 30 this year.

The letter also suggested Costco would hold a soft opening of the membership office and fuel outlet mid December 2018 and open the warehouse this Thursday after a VIP night on Wednesday, but those plans have been delayed further.

Costo plan to use variable message signs advising motorists of delays when they do open.