REVEALED: Our busiest roads as suburbs driven to gridlock

ROADS in Ipswich's eastern suburbs are struggling to keep up with the increasing number of vehicles.

The council's annual Strategic Traffic Count Program provides a valuable insight into car movements across the city and compiles traffic data from about 100 locations across the council's major road network.

Augusta Parkway remains the region's busiest road with 31,820 vehicles each day.

Springfield Greenbank Arterial and Sinnathamby Boulevard were second and third.

The largest increase in traffic over the past year was recorded on Ripley Rd north of the Centenary Highway, with an additional 2747 vehicles each weekday, a 44.6 per cent increase.

Two other sites along Ripley Rd also recorded large increases of 1708 and 2446 vehicles each weekday.

The council says the increase is likely due to the continued development and construction works associated with the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area.

Collingwood Drive also recorded a significant increase of 2116, to 24.2 per cent.

Grampian Drive recorded an increase of 378 vehicles each weekday which was a 22.9 per cent increase.

The largest decrease in traffic over the last year was recorded on Bognuda St between Archer and Boundary streets, with 1304 fewer vehicles each weekday, a 25.8 per cent decrease.

A total weekday volume of about 1.1 million traffic counts across 105 sites were recorded during the program.

Ipswich's southern suburbs - Ripley, Raceview and Flinders View - maintained the highest one-year percentage growth rate of 10 per cent.

The eastern suburbs - Redbank, Goodna and Collingwood Park - had the highest five-year percentage growth rate of 29 per cent.

The outer eastern suburbs observed the largest five-year volume increase of 60,430 vehicles counts each weekday.

This year, traffic volumes in the Ipswich Central area continued to remain unchanged, with 0 per cent growth measured over the one and five-year periods.