BIG NEWS: Gatton Showgrounds will be undergoing some changes.
BIG NEWS: Gatton Showgrounds will be undergoing some changes. Ebony Graveur

REVEALED: Masterplan set to overhaul Gatton showground

MORE parking, extra toilets, improvements to lighting and better roads.

These are just a few of the concerns stakeholders raised when determining how to improve the Gatton Showgrounds.

The showground is on its way to receiving upgrades across the board, after feedback from five key groups outlined a number of areas of concern.

In its meeting, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council agreed to endorse the Gatton Showgrounds master plan, which outlines how to redevelop the space throughout the next 10 to 20 years.

The plan outlines several ways the showground should be upgraded.

"(It) is currently a heavily-used site with some ageing infrastructure, prompting the need for a master plan," the report stated.

"The purpose of the plan is to identify and plan for infrastructure and equipment assets required by community organisations and council."

As part of the plan, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council is in negotiations with the state government to take on a larger space surrounding the showgrounds.

It is negotiating to have the tennis courts, Scout building and emergency services building included in its trust.

Five user groups were consulted, including the Gatton Show Society, Lockyer Indoor Equestrian Centre Association, Lowood and Gatton Gymnastics, Lockyer Valley Speedway and Gatton Swim Club.

The council also conducted an online survey, which was open to the public, and received 93 responses including some who hired the grounds.

Respondents outlined a number of areas they think should be upgraded or changed.

The top five areas survey respondents wanted improvement for:

Improved quality of supporting infrastructure (toilets, change rooms, car parking, storage)

Improved shade provision at facility

More supporting infrastructure (toilets, change rooms car parks, storage)

Addition of all-weather facility options

Improved safety at facility