Samantha Atkinson is the granddaughter of a show bag businessman and founder of Bensons Trading.
Samantha Atkinson is the granddaughter of a show bag businessman and founder of Bensons Trading.

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SHOW bag vendors are unloading their goodies in preparation for the Ipswich Show.

As well as old favourites jam-packed with sweets, chocolate, toys and novelties, new bags are up for grabs to tempt showgoers after a two-year wait since the last show.

Growing up surrounded by show bags, Samantha Atkinson has seen the showbag industry transform.

The granddaughter of Australian show bag company, formerly known as Bensons Trading, has been involved in the company for the past 15 years as a product manager.

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"My family has been involved in the industry for 70 years and (in that time) show bags have really changed," she said.

"There is a lot of value for money in them, especially in kids' toy bags - the quality has improved significantly and, obviously as with any retailer, we have to be in line with the testing standard of products.

"They've certainly come a long way from back in the 1950s and 60s where they just had a few knick knack type sample novelty products."

She said the most popular show bag according to Ipswich showgoers was a tie between the Dairy Milk and Freddo - the two most loved Australia-wide.

"Cadbury is a very big brand for our business and (those bags) are definitely the favourites in terms of chocolate," Ms Atkinson said.

"There are a few different categories - we also offer novelty brands."

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She said she expected novelty bags to fly off the shelves at this year's shows, Australia-wide.

"The most popular sellers that we're tipping for this year's show are going to be Harry Potter, Beyblades, LOL Surprise and Pokemon," she said.

"We're bringing everything we've got to Ipswich to ensure there's variety for all different families."

The Ipswich Show will be held across May 14, 15 and 16.


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