REVEALED: How much parking revenue boosts council coffers

PARKING meters across the city are adding about $100,000 to Ipswich City Council's coffers each month, new data reveals.

In the three months from October to December 2018, $315,551 in revenue was raised through parking.

Of the figure, 53 per cent was paid with coins and 47 per cent from credit cards.

The figure is consistent with the average monthly income from parking meters; $104,950.

The average transaction value for parking meters is $2.41. The average for coins is $1.97 and credit cards $3.27.

Ipswich council's parking meters continue to be staggeringly reliable.

Between October and December 2018 there were 150 parking meter faults reported by customers, averaging 1.64 calls per operational day.

The spike in calls identified in November 2018 can be attributed to a communication outage on November 2. The parking meter reliability remains high, with an average availability above 99.82 per cent.

Yesterday it was revealed the number of parking infringement notices issued by the council for the past 12 months had doubled on the preceding year.

Between February 2018 and last month, 15,045 parking infringement notices were handed out to drivers.

The figure is almost double the 8833 notices issued in the preceding 12 months - February 2017 to January 2018.

The council attributed the infringement notice jump to an increase in patrols and compliance by its officers.