Ipswich City Council mayor Teresa Harding and CEO David Farmer. The council handed down its 2020-21 budget this morning.
Ipswich City Council mayor Teresa Harding and CEO David Farmer. The council handed down its 2020-21 budget this morning.

REVEALED: How much extra you’ll pay in rates

IPSWICH residents have been told they will need to "share the burden" during tough economic times, compounded by the millions "squandered away" by the previous council.

Ipswich City Council unanimously passed its $603.4 million 2020-21 budget this morning.

It will include an average increase of 2.75 per cent for residential rates and an average rise of 2.4 per cent for commercial rates.

In her budget speech, mayor Teresa Harding said the residential rates rise was roughly equal to one takeaway coffee a month, or 98 cents a week for every household.

"We acknowledge that every dollar counts right now and we'll also continue to support those in need for extra assistance with repayment plans and other special arrangements," she said.

"Council has resolved to run a deficit this year so that we can keep 1,300 people employed, maintain services and keep buying products and services to keep the local economy moving."

The commercial rates rise effects about 2000 properties across the city.

"This decision has not been taken lightly," Cr Harding said.

"I'm deeply, deeply sorry to have to ask you to share this burden."

Cr Harding said a below-CPI rates rise last year had reduced the council's financial capacity.

The council unanimously passed a motion to forego the normal annual wage increase for the 2020-21 financial year, which was approved by the Local Government Remuneration Commission.

Cr Harding said the money would instead be put towards services for the city.

The council will invest $232m in capital works and infrastructure, with $26 million of that being spent on road maintenance and rehabilitation.

This will be put towards filling more than 5000 potholes, repairing and resurfacing a network of more than 1500km of sealed roads and about 260km of gravel road maintenance.

About $13 million will be spent on strategic transport infrastructure to ease congestion.

"We're delivering a budget based on prioritisation and real need," Cr Harding said.

"Make no mistake.

"I am not a show pony mayor and this is not a council promising to pull a rabbit out of a black hat. This is a budget about things that matter."

"This is a budget that focuses on investing in and building the assets and infrastructure that matter and make a real difference to the everyday lives of people who choose to live and work in this great city.