REVEALED: How the Games will affect Ipswich's rail service

IPSWICH'S rail services will not be drastically reduced during the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

On Sunday the State Government revealed its Commonwealth Games Transport Plan.

The number of daily services operating on the Gold Coast line will be tripled, with trains operating 24/7 for the games, running on average 10 minutes or better for most of the day

With about 176 additional daily rail services on the Gold Coast line every day of the games, there were fears Queensland Rail would close the Rosewood line.

But the fear did not come to fruition, with the line remaining open.

Services on the Ipswich line will run the same as the summer School Holiday Timetable.

There will be reductions at peak times and a one-hour service on weekends and public holidays, but the timetable will remain consistent.

Rail Back on Track representative Robert Dow was "a little bit disappointed" Queensland Rail was returning to the summer holiday timetable on the Ipswich line. 

"We come off okay I suppose," he said. 

He is calling for off-peak fares only to apply between March 30 and April 20 "to reflect the diminished service levels" on the rest of the southeast Queensland rail network.

"It might help to ease some of the ongoing frustration and anger many are feeling due to the length of the rail fail saga," he said. 

Mr Dow encouraged people travelling to the Gold Coast to take advantage of the huge increase in services.

"Once you get on the Gold Coast line, public transport is definitely the best option," he said.