REVEALED: Gonski funding increase for Ipswich schools

IPSWICH's most struggling schools will receive a funding increase of more than 60% under the Australian Government's new education package, announced in the budget.

The QT has analysed the cash breakdown of the $242.3 billion announcement, using the online tool School Funding Estimator calculator, to reveal how much extra money will be spent on your child.

While the dollar figures show a significant difference between Federal funding for our region's top performing schools, a breakdown by percentage shows it's the most disadvantaged schools that will receive the biggest increases.

For example, by 2027 the Australian Government will be spending $10,661 per student at Ipswich Junior Grammar School, the city's best academically performing school according to the latest NAPLAN results.

By comparison one of Ipswich's worst performing schools, according to the latest NAPLAN results, Churchill State School will only receive $4188 per student.

In Australia, State Governments contribute the bulk of funding to state schools while the Federal Government contributes the largest amount to private schools.

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The dollar values don't take into account State Government funding over the same period which has not been released.

Analysing the figures by percentage increases between this year and 2027 reveals those top performing private schools will receive a smaller funding boost than their struggling counterparts.

Under the new model, by 2027 Ipswich Junior Grammar's Federal funding will have increased by 42% while Carole Park State School's will increase by 60.6%.

When announcing the new budget measures, Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said the funding package represented a record spend on education.

But those comments have been disputed by Labor MPs who say overall schools will receive less funding, not more.

Blair MP Shayne Neumann doesn't believe the new funding model "will fly".

"I don't think this will be popular at all," Mr Neumann said.

Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann says quitting is better than using an e-cigarette.
Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann says quitting is better than using an e-cigarette. Rob Williams

"(The LNP) haven't consulted properly and should have done what they promised to do in 2013 which was to match Labor's funding commitment dollar for dollar.

"I just don't think this education plan will fly.

"We are going to see, on average, every Australian school will lose about $2.4 million; that's the equivalent of paying 22,000 teachers."

A spokesperson for the Federal Education Department said the $242.3 billion will be spent over the next 10 years, providing 80% of non-government school's Schooling Resource Standard funding.

For government schools, the Federal Government contributes 20% of the school's funding. 

"All schools will receive their fair share within a decade, compared to more than 150 years under current arrangements. The schools that are the furthest behind will receive the fastest increase in funding," the spokesperson said. 

"At the national level, funding per student for all sectors will continue to increase in real terms.

"As a result of this truly needs-based funding model, funding for government schools will grow more quickly than for non-government schools." 


Note: The figures shown on the School Funding Estimator for Catholic schools do not necessarily represent the funds that actually flow to the school. 

The Federal Government allows all systems, including the Catholic system, to redistribute funds to respond to local needs and this is done across all Catholic schools in Queensland meaning the amounts they receive will differ from the amounts shown on the website.


Top performers (according to NAPLAN results)

  • Ipswich Junior Grammar School 

2017: $7501

2027: $10,661 = 42% increase

  • The Springfield Anglican College

2017: $7834

2027: $11270 = 44% increase

  • Ipswich Grammar School

2017: $7246

2027: $10,622 = 46% increase

  • Westside Christian College, Goodna

2017: $8,321

2027: $12,641 = 52% increase

  • Mt Crosby State School

2017: $2,115

2027: $3,393 = 62.5% increase

  • St Mary's Primary School

2017: $8503

2027: $12012 = 41.6% increase

  • St Peter's Lutheran College Springfield

2017: $6920

2027: $9,804 = 43.4% increase

  • St Augustine's Catholic College

2017: $8859

2027: $12516 = 41.3% increase

  • West Moreton Anglican College

2017: $8576

2027: $12680 = 50% increase


  • Ipswich East State School

2017: $2834

2027: $4545 $1711 = 60% increase

  • Ipswich West State School

2017: $2758

2027: $4424 = 62.5% increase

  • Redbank State School

2017: $2768

2027: $4440 = 60.6% increase

  • Redbank Plains State School

2017: $3303

2027: $5298 = 60.6% increase

  • Brassall State School

2017: $2737

2027: $4,390 = 60.6% increase

  • Leichhardt State School

2017: $3013

2027: $4833 = 60.6% increase

  • Churchill State School

2017: $2611

2027: $4188 = 60.6% increase