REVEALED: Five council managers selected to cut costs, risk

FIVE general managers have made the cut in an Ipswich City Council restructure aimed at saving money and reducing risk.

Ipswich City Council chief executive officer David Farmer has appointed general managers to five restructured departments within the 1300-staff organisation.

The new-look organisational chart includes larger departments to streamline the operations of the council.

Mr Farmer said four of the new departments would see significant change in the way they are structured.

Corporate Services, which includes the council's legal, finance, customer service and governance teams, would remain unchanged.

Mr Farmer said the purpose of the restructure was to streamline the operations of the organisation and position it better to provide services and infrastructure to the growing community.

"There will be a further process of change deeper into the organisation following an internal consultation process," Mr Farmer said.

The council's Arts, Social Development and Community Engagement chief operating officer and Works Parks and Recreation chief operating officers were not offered general manager positions.

Former chief executive officer Sean Madigan has taken on the council''s new Coordination and Performance department.

He was previously responsible for the Health, Security and Regulatory Services portfolio, which included compliance and Safe City matters.