REVEALED: Fire went from small to inferno in minutes


AN OUT-of-control fire raging north toward Noosa started as small blaze at Peregian Springs which residents tried to put out.

Resident Ian Martin, who lives upwind of where the fire started, said he was on his way to Coles when he saw smoke over the hill.

The Jim's Antenna franchisee said he arrived at the Koel Circuit address just after 4.20pm and tried to assist other residents but the flames were already too high.

"I was one of the first there and rang 000, I could tell the smoke was a bit more than it should be," Mr Martin said.

He said the 50kmh winds quickly whipped up the flames with a second fire springing up about 200m east of the first one.

The first fire truck arrived on the scene within about ten minutes with the second one arriving about four minutes later.

"By the end there was a whole command centre set up at Coles and helicopters were dropping water on the fire," Mr Martin said

He said the fire quickly got out of control with flames up to 20m high.

"It was in the tops of the trees," Mr Martin said.

"It was very close to homes with only a road dividing flames from houses."

The fire then jumped the Sunshine Coast Motorway and raced toward Peregian Beach.

It is understood up to ten homes in that area could have been destroyed by the blaze.   

Mr Martin, who took photos of the unfolding drama, said it was the second fire he had seen at Peregian Springs.

"There was a fire in the area about three years ago, it came from Coolum but stopped at the back of houses," he said.